What Does DAFENGA NYC Stand For & Behind?

大风月- Dafenga (Chinese/Slang)

Dafeng (大风)- strong wind

月- Chinese Alphabet A - (yuè) Moon

Dafenga (🖕)- (New Yorkese/Slang)- Da'Finga (The Finger)😝

The Message - Corruption, Conformity & Oppression GET DAFENGA!

What DAFENGA NYC Stands For and Behind - Freedom, Deprogramming, Rebellion Against the Status Quo.

I created DAFENGA NYC for everyone that wants to make a stand against something. I have my own personal list and wearing DAFENGA NYC clothing makes me feel better about myself and makes me smile because I know I am wearing a brand that expresses my rebellion against the system. I get to give THE FINGER to everything I stand up against just by having the logo showing somewhere on my clothes. I get to look good, be on top of the fashion game, be original AND give the finger at the same time.

DAFENGA NYC also represents everyone's battle against opposing forces and anything that prevents them from being happy and successful.

It is said that we are not up against flesh and blood, meaning that we are fighting against forces we cannot see. Well now, we may not be able to see them but I made sure that they all can see DA FINGER and know how we feel about their wickedness, system, programming and their corruption.

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