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Our Mascot

Meet TUBLOC! Brought into existence by our founder Michael Machette VanHelsing, TUBLOC appears on quite a few of our products. He also likes to dress up, so you will notice that he has many different looks. Be on the lookout for comic strips, animated video shorts and more! 

Our mascot represents free expression for artists of all types and people from all walks of life. We COULD use the face of our CEO or a celebrity, but there's no better representative for a winning team than a mascot!

This little intro should give you a better understanding of who the little guy is making such a BIG appearance on our merchandise. He adds the perfect touch to an excellent brand. 

Get your DAFENGA gear today! 

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A Slice of the Music Pie


Yeah Yeah, we know... DAFENGA is a clothing company. However, this brand was created by performing artists, hip hop artists and other people who ALL LOVE MUSIC! 

Thus it became our job to get involved. Not only have we developed electronics for artists and fans alike, we are also putting together a 'DAFENGA compilation album' featuring the best indie talent that the world has ever heard together on one project. 

Music, fashion and free expression are the three main ingredients that influence our art and designs. Make sure to keep an eye out for more news. 

We promise to keep you well dressed AND entertained! 

The 'New Wave' In Fashion

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With such a demand for new material and concepts, it was easy for us to kick down the fashion doors and make a grand entrance. DAFENGA is soon to be a household name and it is happening faster than we imagined. 

The people are being magnetically attracted to our brand because it is original, authentic and caters to all ages and backgrounds.

We make shopping not only easy but fun as well. You will feel good wearing your DAFENGA gear. It's always a good feeling when you are wearing something so cool that people ask you where you got it from. Well you will  experience that A LOT with your DAFENGA collection.

Spice up your wardrobe today! DAFENGA. 

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