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Here's your chance to become a clothing brand ambassador and enjoy a fashion & art-filled journey while making some money in the process.

Perks of Ambassadors at DAFENGA NYC

Receive EXCLUSIVE access to our private online fashion community. 

Have your photos posted on our website and social media platforms. 

Get a life-time discounts for yourself, family and friends on all products.

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I will follow-up with all applicants in the course of a week. It is important to read and follow my emails and further instructions for acceptance into the Brand Ambassador program.

Requirements and Role

  • Create high quality content and buzz for new product arrivals as well as existing and previously added pieces from the DAFENGA NYC assortment.

  • High quality content can cover ready-to-wear, made-to-measure or custom pieces. Images for these and others can be sourced by the DAFENGA NYC team upon request.

  • High quality content can be image based, blog articles, social media brand ambassador content especially Instagram ambassadors who can do posts, stories etc. tagging DAFENGA NYC.

  • Brand Ambassadors of DAFENGA NYC must have social media accounts set to public.

  • Share brand story and message of DAFENGA NYC with organizations in the community of the brand ambassador.

  • Interest in fashion and lifestyle with a keen aspiration to create unique content.

  • A willingness to learn and grow professionally.

  • Having a consistent activity on social media. This could be either YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Blogs etc. Or some of the above.

  • The ability to understand and communicate with our team to best achieve desired results which makes for a win-win on both sides.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the system work?
Free clothing and VIP discounts will be available to all Brand Ambassadors upon application approval. These individuals will also be posted on the website and our social media networks. Ambassadors will have VIP access to all DAFENGA NYC events, fashion shows and parties. The perks are too many to count. 

Do I get free stuff?

Free clothing bonuses will be sent via USPS on a random schedule. When new collections are released I will also send out free items. I even send out free sneakers and shoes occasionally. 

How do I connect with other brand ambassadors of DAFENGA NYC?

All brand ambassadors of DAFENGA NYC can interact via our Private Facebook Group.

How often do I need to post on my social-media, promoting the brand?

There is no such minimum requirement, but we do appreciate if you post on weekly basis to earn maximum.

How many hours a day must I spend promoting the brand?

We do not bound anyone for this, the more time you spend, the more you will earn

Do I have to put your store in my Instagram bio?

Its depend on you, if you will do this, you will most likely earn more than most others

Can I opt-out of this brand ambassador program at any time?

Yes you can opt-out of this brand ambassador program at any time.

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